Our Mission

To enlighten, empower and educate North Carolina about Natural Physique Competitions.  Our experiences make us certain that we can assist natural competitors in the Southern States. Our expertise make us confident that we can attract Natural Physique Competitors to North Carolina.

Natural Physique Coalition

Located in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, we are the promoters of the Carolina Natural PC, Collegiate Cup,  and Triangle Classic featuring- Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Fit Body and Physique Competitions.  We provide links to INBF| WNBF competitions and are supporters of Drug Free Sports. In the near future we will provide friendly resources for Nutrition, Training, Instructional Posing and Routine Choreography-via articles, blogs and videos.

2017 Events

April  1st          | Posing Seminar  |All Categories & Divisions

June 24th         | Posing Seminar  |All Categories & Divisions

August  12th    | Judges Clinic &Posing Seminar  |All Categories & Divisions

October  7th   | 2nd INBF Carolina Natural Physique Championship PQ

2016 Carolina Natural Physique Championship Results

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